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Global Shield

Global Shield is a serious company, backed by more than 16 years of experience in security systems and safekeeping of valuables in high-security safes. Your safety is our commitment, that is why we care about providing you with the best service and showing you that we are your best option.

GNP Insurance

We are insured by GNP. In addition, each box has insurance for up to $10,000 USD and with the option to increase the insured amount according to your needs.

The best company on the market

Greater presence nationwide with our high security safe rental branches in Mexico, Guadalajara and Cancun.

Are you looking for a safe place?

We all have important and special possessions, with great sentimental or monetary value, that need to be protected in a safe and reliable place. At Global Shield we offer you High Security safe solutions so that you have the peace of mind of adequately protecting what matters most to you.

Our Values

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