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Frequent questions

Why Global Shield?

Your safety is our commitment, that is why we care about providing you with the best service and showing you that we are your best option. At Global Shield we provide you with High Security safe solutions so that you have the peace of mind of adequately protecting what matters most to you.

Are the boxes insured?

We are insured by GNP. In addition, each box has insurance for up to $10,000 USD and with the option to increase the insured amount according to your needs.

What guarantees me that Global Shield won't disappear?

Global Shield is a serious company backed by more than 16 years of experience in the market. In addition, it is legally constituted and has more than 3,000 satisfied customers in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Cancun.

Frequently asked questions

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You only need to visit our facilities, bring with you two official identifications and a proof of address.

The process takes between 15 and 20 minutes approximately.

In our safe deposit boxes you can store anything that you consider to be of estimated or monetary value. Prohibited items for safekeeping are explosives and perishable items.

From one month to annual renewable contracts.

Beneficiaries and/or authorize persons can be established in the event of the death or disability of the two holders.

Global Shield doesn’t share information with any other company or government agency. Only our clients know what they keep in their boxes.

Access to the safe deposit boxes is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our safe deposit boxes are digital combination. If the combination is forgotten, the box is destroyed, ensuring its content and replacing it with a new one (at an additional cost).

We have 24-hour telephone service to attend to any problem or situation.

Each vault has a table and a curtain to create a blind area where operations can be carried out in complete confidentiality without being recorded.

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