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Safeguarding of values

In our safes you can protect valuables.

Security monitoring

We carry out security monitoring with alarms to keep your valuables safe.

Vault seal

Don't expose your belongings by taking them to a private cubicle, at Global Shield we seal the vault without the need to expose them to other people.

private vault

Renting safe deposit boxes in a private vault is safer because they are monitored 24 hours a day.

Personal Box

Ideal for:

All kinds of jewelry, electronic devices, cold wallets for cryptoactives, coins, jewelry, etc.

Family Box

Ideal for:

Scriptures, Personal letters, Private videos, Jewelry, Cash

Premium Box

Ideal for:

Powers of attorney, Watches, Key Agreements, Foreign currency.

Attention schedule

Access to your safe deposit box

Payment methods

Cash payments, participating credit cards and crypto assets.

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