Document protection

Family Safe Deposit Box

Caja de seguridad familiar Globalshield

You are looking for a safe place to safeguard your most precious goods.

The family safe is ideal to keep items safe and ensure the protection of documents of great value to you.

Our boxes offer you:

  • High security vaults.

  • Access to your box 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • 5 access filters.




Length: 60cm

Width: 15cm

Height: 30cm


Ideal for storage

Title deeds

Private videos

Document protection


Luxury watches


5 access filters

Face scanner.

Approach card.

Security code.

Biometric fingerprint ID.

Security access code.

Our prices


Monthly: $ 2, 300.00 MXN

Three months: $ 4, 650.00 MXN

Six months: $ 8, 100.00 MXN

Annual: $ 12, 700.00 MXN

Security deposit. $ 4,000.00MXN. Applies to all sizes of safe deposit boxes.

* Prices are published for illustrative purposes, final prices subject to change without prior notice.

Ask your advisor about special discounts when hiring your safe deposit box

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